Sea Wall and Fancing Construction Casa Alexandria

Fencing and Seawall Construction

With the cottage complete and turned over to the client, we have turned our attention to the seawall construction, CHB wall, fencing and other site development work. We started by submitting our design to the necessary authorities in order to obtain the proper permits including an ECC (Environmental Compliance Certificate).

With the proper permits in hand, we began construction of the main concrete hollow block wall by excavating and building our footings and column. After the columns were complete, we moved onto the wall footing over which we started to lay the hollow blocks. The last step was cement parging or “rendering of the whole wall structure. Upon completion of the rendering we started to apply primer and elastomeric paint.

For the seawall, we excavated approximately 2 meters deep, then formed an engineered rip rap wall with boulders and cement. Within that wall we set our galvanized iron fence posts which would serve as our vertical supports for the wrought iron rail and pickets.

We are in the last stages of completion of the seawall construction, and are currently back-filling and leveling the site. The final part of the process will be to fabricate all the gates and finish painting.