Gabayan Riviera

A Unique Vacation Home and/or Investment Opportunity Designed Specifically for Our Foreign Clients

A Unique Vacation Home and/or Investment Opportunity Designed Specifically for Our Foreign Clients

A Unique Vacation Home and/or Investment Opportunity Designed Specifically for Our Foreign Clients

Amenities and Services

Concierge Service

Whether you need to rent a vehicle, buy plane tickets, book a holiday or tour, or any other thing you could imagine, our dedicated concierge will help you get it done.


A beautiful open style resto-bar serving fine cuisine in a spectacular setting overlooking the ocean.

Infinity Pool

A beautiful tripple-tiered infinity pool strategically located to over look the aquamarine sea, with a large poolside patio only steps away form the restaurant and bar.

Fitness center at Gabayan Riviera

Fitness Center

Use our convenient and well equipped gym, where you can work on your cardio, muscle tone and flexibility.

lounge bar at gabayan riviera

Lounge Bar

After you are finished working out, or swimming, relax in our native style lounge overlooking the ocean. Read a book, socialize or just sit back and relax , enjoying the time of your life you have worked so hard to get to

coffee shop at gabayan riviera

Coffee Shop and Store

For those who need to do a little shopping, get some sweets or some hot or cold drinks, our fully stocked stores will offer you a wide range of western and native goods

Domestic Help

We will have on-site domestic services, on a fee per use basis, allowing you to chose the level of help suited to your own needs, whether they be cooking , cleaning or child care.

Shuttle Service and Vehicle Rentals

Whether you need a lift to the port, do some shopping or visit friends we will have vehicles available with or without driver.

Tours and Dive Center

A full service dive center will cater to all levels of expertise. The days you are not in the water, you can book one of tours we have to showcase the many attractions of the island. Should you just want to do some snorkeling, rental equipment will be available for use.

Water Sports

Kayaking, paddle boards, speed boats, and jet skis to satisfy your back to nature side or provide you the need for speed adrenaline rush.

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Floor Plan

Investment Potential

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Payment and Financing Options

Units at Gabayan Riviera will range from 3.5 million Php to 7.5 million Php. Your lease can be paid entirely up front for a discount, or you can opt from one of our easy payment plans, customized to fit your particular needs. A monthly fee for common facility maintenance and services shall be charged to the clients based on previous year’s expenses.

Legal Structure

To be in line with land ownership restrictions by foreigners in the Philippines, units will be held in the form of a 25 year lease, renewable for another 25 years. The legal structure will satisfy all requirements for those clients wishing to avail themselves of an SSRV through the Philippines Retirement Authority, and to make things easy, we can even help with your application process. All units holders will enter into a management contract with the professional resort management company, who will provide first class property maintenance as well as optimizing your rental income.

Visa and Immigration

As one of our valued clients, we will set you up with a free consultation with our trusted Attorney, who will give you knowledgeable advice on which Visa would be right for you. Should you choose to process your SSRV, we shall work with you hand in hand with your agent to streamline the application process as much as possible.

Topography and Geography

The island lies about 19 kilometers east of southern Negros, 25 kilometers southeast of Cebu and just 30 kilometers southwest of Bohol,

It is predominantly hilly and in many places the hills reach the sea, producing precipitous cliffs. At the center, Mount Malabahoc reaches 628 meters (2,060 ft) in elevation.

Siquijor is a coralline island, and fossils of the giant clam tridacna are often encountered in the plowed inland fields. On the hilltops there are numerous shells of the molluscan species presently living in the seas around the island.

Project Land

The land already secured for this project – which extends from the beach to the barangay road, has a gentle incline of around 5% – perfect for terraced community sharing the spectacular view of the Bohol Sea.

Project Location Map