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Concept – a small tight knit community with a vacation destination feel, where residents can enjoy a close proximity to the ocean, with secure access, while only paying a fraction of the cost they would have to pay for their own beach front.

Casa Alexandria is a small community with a novel concept. The cost of beach front property in the Dauin area has skyrocketed in recent years, so much so that it is out of reach financially for the average middle class retiree. What we have done is purchase and subdivide a property into smaller lots, where all properties have secure beach access less than 100 meters from their doorsteps and with some imaginative house designs, ensured that all home owners get an ocean view from a large second floor terrace. Out of the 6 lots, 3 have already been purchased and out of those three, 2 have already been developed and sold, while one other is slated for construction start-up in mid-January.

At the same time we are building our client that one house, we will also start construction on a duplex style structure on the remaining 2 lots.


House packages as per below:

Location: Masaplod, Dauin, Negros Oriental

SITE DEVELOPMENT – MDEI will provide the following:

Municipal water
(boundary head)

Underground power
(boundary terminal)

Site drainage

Internet Ready *

* Infrastructure and access for high speed internet through our internet service provider (Airlinks).
Home owners to contract directly with AirLink for their individual service of between 5 and 30 MBps.

Semi-Detached Home OneSemi-Detached Home TwoRental UnitsNative Hybrid Detached CottageNative Hybrid Detached CottageLarge Modern House and Cottage

Floor Plan

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