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The Land that Has it All

Snorkeling at Apo Island - Negros Oriental

The Philippines is booming, and more specifically Dumaguete City – in the beautiful and diverse province of Negros Oriental.

A large reason for this is that Dumaguete City and surrounding Negros Oriental seems to have it all. The city itself is small enough to maintain a small town atmosphere, while large enough to have many , if not all the necessary amenities for modern living. Once you get out of the City, which means a 10-15 minute drive in any direction, you are faced with the incredible natural beauty of marine ecosystems, virgin rain forest, waterfalls and hot springs. To top it all off, the cost of living is, put bluntly, dirt cheap.

Sounds like Paradise, Right?

Well, with our background operating the premiere real estate company in the region, PhilX Support Services, as well as being the preferred builder for expats at Dumaguete PhilX Condev, we have found the one big problem most foreigners face when deciding to relocate here. That is finding a home they love, for a price they can, or want to pay! Our problem has not been getting customers, but being able to give them what they want. Let’s face it, when foreigners come to a place like The Philippines, their aim is to fulfill a DREAM, of course a dream home is the centerpiece. The reality though is that when many people get here to Dumaguete City and begin exploring the possibilities, what they are faced with are “ho hum” homes with little appeal, even less functionality and absolutely NO imagination. When a person does find that house that makes them go “WOW”, the price tag is so high, that one of the major factors of choosing to move to The Philippines is lost. The low cost of living!

That is where we come in. After identifying the need for dream homes in Dumaguete City, at a price the average expat can afford, we decided to do something about it.


Whether you are looking for an economy house and lot under 4 million, or a larger dream home, what you will get if you purchase one from us is a house with “pizzazz”, carefully designed to provide maximum functionality, then constructed to high western standards.

To showcase our homes to their fullest potential, and to give our clients the quality of life they desire, we have gone out and found a wide range of properties, each with specific characteristics that will appeal to different tastes. You can choose beautiful lots with spectacular ocean view vistas in Sibulan, or in the mountains west of Dauin overlooking Apo Island. We have property just outside of Dauin proper, with secure beach access only 50 meters away, or you can opt for a very economical plot in the countryside. For those of you who simply must have beachfront, we have new inventory ready for development on the mystical island of Siquijor, and will be soon adding some in the Dauin to Zamboanguita corridor.

So, if you are ready to make the decision to follow your dreams, make sure you remember that the best part of that dream is living in a dream home, and with that, we would love to help.

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