2018 - Dumaguete Dream Homes


The very first thing we did was lay out the markers for the road. This was done by our surveyor Josh Cabio from I-Sukod. We then got heavy equipment in and cut out where the road was going then put in the gravel bed consisting of several different layers of gravel. While the heavy equipment was on site, we had them excavate where our future water reservoir and pump house would be going.


We then contracted to have a well dug by Ric Rose Drilling. Using a circa 1950 rig (considered modern here in Negros Oriental), he went down to approximately 450 feet. Casement, pump, piping and electrical supply lines were installed and the well capped off until the reservoir and pump house are completed.

While the well was being dug, our own workers built a large storage shed and wood-shop which we will use for the ongoing construction of the planned 20-25 homes we intend to build in this community.


Currently we are trenching the site in order to lay out the underground water supply system and power supply.

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semi detached home construction

Over the past 3 weeks since the last update, things have really moved along at the Casa Alexandria Semi Detached Home Construction


On the floor, we first roughed in all the plumbing pipes and electrical conduits, then we back-filled and compacted. After compaction we laid out and tied our 10mm reinforcing steel matting. Once that was complete, we poured our floor slab on grade.

We tied all our 16mm rebar for the columns and made sure that any plumbing or electrical that need to be in them was finished. We then formed and poured all our columns.

While doing the columns our masons got to work on the walls, and over the course of the past few weeks have set most of the ground floor walls in place.

Currently we are working on tying all re-bar for the first floor suspended beams and floor slab, the preparing all the forms. Once complete we start roughing in all plumbing and electrical that will  be buried in the floor slab.

This Casa Alexandria Semi Detached Duplex is shaping up very nicely.

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villa home construction update

Villa Home Construction Update – February 20th

At the end of January, we finally broke ground on our first show home. This spectacular and unique 3 bedroom villa home has been designed to showcase the amazing North East ocean view of the lot it will sit on.

The first step was to do the layout. We used our regular geodetic engineer, Josh Cabio, from I-sukod and while he was on site, we made our own tweaks to the home positioning to line it up perfectly with the best views. Then our men got to work excavating the hard underlying substrate so that we could ensure that the column footings are set properly on sound base. With the large rocks we encountered, our workmen certainly earned their pay, lol.

While some crew members were digging, others started fabricating and tying the rebar supports for the structural footings, and columns. With the difficulty of the excavation, as well as the desire to raise the ground floor up a little to maximize the view, we decided to change the design a little by planning on a suspended ground floor slab instead of a slab on grade. Consequently there will also be  added lateral stability incorporated into the design with the floor beams now acting also as tie beams.

Construction is going smooth and on schedule at this stage as we work on the forming for the beams and floor.


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Sea Wall and Fancing Construction Casa Alexandria

Fencing and Seawall Construction

With the cottage complete and turned over to the client, we have turned our attention to the seawall construction, CHB wall, fencing and other site development work. We started by submitting our design to the necessary authorities in order to obtain the proper permits including an ECC (Environmental Compliance Certificate).

With the proper permits in hand, we began construction of the main concrete hollow block wall by excavating and building our footings and column. After the columns were complete, we moved onto the wall footing over which we started to lay the hollow blocks. The last step was cement parging or “rendering of the whole wall structure. Upon completion of the rendering we started to apply primer and elastomeric paint.

For the seawall, we excavated approximately 2 meters deep, then formed an engineered rip rap wall with boulders and cement. Within that wall we set our galvanized iron fence posts which would serve as our vertical supports for the wrought iron rail and pickets.

We are in the last stages of completion of the seawall construction, and are currently back-filling and leveling the site. The final part of the process will be to fabricate all the gates and finish painting.

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home construction update feb 15th - dauin duplex

Home Construction Update Feb 15th – Dauin Semi-Detached Duplex

We started home construction of this 2 story 2 unit semi-detached house in late January, and things are going well so far.

After laying out the building, we dug appropriately 1 1/2 meters down to start our footings and foundations. Being on sandy soil, we went a little deeper than normal, beefed up all our structural pads and columns and incorporated tie-beams into the building base.

Once the footings were in we proceeded to the columns and at the same time laid out all our necessary plumbing roughing on the first floor. We then put in the proper steel matting for the floor and poured our slabs.

We are now working on the forming for the second floor beams.


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