This is an interactive calendar for prospective HRI investors. It's purpose it to provide a sense of the Hotel Room Investment mathematics and income potential. In this investment scheme, investors may consign their property to the HRI scheme at a truly granular level opening up the ability to occupy their property, as frequently as they choose. While the property vacant and available to resort for rental, investors will recieve a portion of the income from the resort's toom rentals as a whole. Conversely, should the investor choose to occupy their own property, they will not accumulate revenues during that period.

The interactive calendar bellow represents the resort at various occupancy levels to simulate bookings across the resort.
Check out the instructions for a quick explanation of the interactivity.


Model: Prominence
1 of 35 pooled properties

Gabayan Riviera Resort, Siquijor Island


  • Property Pool
    Property Pool Revenue
    HRI Engagement Level  ×
    Engagement Aperture

    Availability Component of Engagement Aperture

    Aperture Dimension
    Score  ×
    Availability Revenue

    Valuation Component of Engagement Aperture

    Aperture Dimension
    Score  ×
    Valuation Revenue

    Resort Maintenance

    Basal Boundary
    Income Acknowledgement  -

    Income Summary
    Availability Revenue
    Value Revenue  +
    Maintenance Subsidization  -

  • Current Month Owner Income
  • Projected to one year
    current month × 12
  • Return on Investment / Year