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Kalma Bukid Community Update

kalma bukid community progress update

A lot has happened since the last update we posted on the continuing progress of The Kalma Bukid Community.

Since that time we have completed several homes, which have been turned over to happy clients, are in the late stages of finishing 2 other houses and just recently broke ground on another home. We have also revised our concept a little for Phase 3, which will now have a reduced density and more yard space for each home owner. We will maintain  a common area with a pool and small fitness center, but will be putting off the medical clinic and lounge until phase 4. With all these new things happening, maybe now would be a good time to contact us and get together for a site visit. We would love to have you as a happy meber of this spectacular community.


Finished Homes at the Kalma Bukid Community

Margriet and Willem’s Home

This house was a similar model to David and Monica’s home, with a few revisions giving more floor area and a backyard pool. Rather than have 2 bedrooms upstairs, one wall was removed to give more open space in the living/dining room. As an added features, the clients also had us build a pool in the backyard as well as a hybrid solar system.

Randal and Paula’s Home

Randal and Paula moved in last year and are in love with their 2 bedroom bungalow with a spectacular view of the ocean.  The location of the Kalma Bukid community also gives them the perfect lifestyle opportunity for their retirement years with many pleasant and relaxing moments, and the added benefit of being able to walk out their front door and partake in one of their favorite activities, a mountain run.

Homes Under Construction in The Kalma Bukid Community

Craig and Juvy

We started this home as a spec build, but about months into it, Craig and Juvy came along and saw their dream home in the making. They did want to make some revisions from the initial design, which we gladly accommodated. Though construction had been delayed due to supply chain issues and lock-downs, we are on track to turn this house over in the next month or two.

Maria and David

This couple purchased a lot last year and pulled the trigger on construction of their nice little getaway home earlier this year. We are about 6 months into construction now and hope to be finished within the next month or two. One of the spectacular features of this custom designed home is a full roof deck patio, affording a 360 degree panoramic view of the ocean, valleys and mountains

Peter and Nelgen

Peter and his lovely wife were interested in a custom house and lot in the Kalma Bukid community, however the only lots available were in Phase 3, which did not allow for much flexibility in design or in lot size. Their interest spurred us to redesign phase 3 to provide less home density, bigger lots and more flexibility in design. After a 2 month design process , we were able to get started on construction about a month ago, and hope to have them moved in by mid 2021.

Phase 3 Redesign

Phase 3 will now offer more land, more flexibility in custom design, but also a common area with pool and fitness center. The medical clinic will be incorporated into phase 4. which will be coming in 2021 and 2022.

For more information on pricing etc, please visit this listing



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Retirement in Dumaguete

retirement in dumaguete

Retirement In Dumaguete


Foreign couples considering retirement in Dumaguete City are increasing dramatically and there are plenty of reasons this is happening. To retrace the steps how this came about, it is important to look at the first notice that put Dumaguete on the international retirement map. Back in November of 2014, Forbes published their yearly results listing the 7 best places to retire overseas. On that list was Dumaguete City. With the attention garnered from that inclusion, foreign retirees started to flock to the region in ever increasing numbers to check it out. This situation was again repeated when in 2018, The Philippines Retirement Authority declared Dumaguete City the top retirement destination in The Philippines.

What they found was a city with charm. The locals were friendly and welcoming, and the city was just small enough to avoid many of the sprawling metropolis issues such as traffic and crime, but large enough to have many of the modern amenities which westerners would expect for a comfortable lifestyle. To put it plainly, you could be shopping at Robinson’s Mall or seeing a doctor at Siliman Medical center, then hop in your car and within a 10 minute drive, you would be out in the raw natural beauty of the surrounding Negros region.

As the popularity of Dumaguete City grew, so to did the amenities to meet the demand. Though most of us were content with what Dumaguete City had to offer back in 2014, with this steady influx and resulting the offshoot is more and better places to eat, shop and obtain health care.

Today, if you consider retirement in Dumaguete, you will come to see what the buzz is all about, but we are pretty sure you will fall in love and never want to leave.

We at Metro Dumaguete Estates will be here to help you find the community living that is just perfect for your needs.


If you want to to know more about what would be in store for you if you do make the commitment for retirement in Dumaguete, please visit the retiredumaguete website

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